Reviews for "Opening Night"

The video is naive so much it borders with malignant. In an amoral society that is not oriented on spiritual growth but on materialism like ours, letting others know how you feel is equal to revealing your weakness and giving the exact most effective weapon to hurt you further away.

Haha, well, that's quite a bizzare animation, isn't it? xD I like how ridicilous everything looks, makes it more funny and less serious. I also like that we like see different aspects of the character's life, which at first show some sort of funny conflict, and then it gets even more funny as we see the characters just singing like that and coming into that "dance scene" in between the flashbacks.

Overall, everything was done very well, the animation is smooth, the art style shows excellent use of colors and the voices were very beautiful, props to the singers and just everyone who participated on this! ;D

I love weird stuff like this. Really well animated as well. Definitely worth all the awards it's gotten in my opinion.

le GIT