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Reviews for "the.real.sonic.the.hedgehog.part.002.1080p.mp4"

I didn't think the first one could be beat. I thought you had made the single greatest animation that was ever or could ever be made... But no. You did it. You shattered all possible caps on quality to create the masterpiece of masterpieces. No joke here, I think this is one of my favorite videos I've ever seen in my life.

And according to the prophecy, Aphex Twin released, " Come to Daddy," in 1997 knowing that 22 years in the future that it would be used for the most important video ever made.

i want this series to continue forever I love it

*videos ends*
*Slow claps*
Dude, wow. Okay so I thought this was gonna be some creepypasta-y, 3D World goofy crap, but I was very wrong. I'm excited to see more! Although the characters seem blocky and weird your animation is smooth and storytelling is on point. Goes to show that you can have expensive programs great looking art, but without a plot or story, it's just another piece of art. You've done really well with this. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more!

I love how dark and twisted this is, especially when compared to the actual sonic game. I've thought of looking deeper into this interpretation but assume I would probably be wasting my time. Great stuff, looking forward to more of it.