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Reviews for "the.real.sonic.the.hedgehog.part.002.1080p.mp4"

David Lynch's Sonic, this is a true work of art. Love it and #1, holy damn

GODDAMIT the trailer was pure cringe, but this is pure thrill, i loved the egg of the Shining carpet. So intriguing, so subjective. That's some well-performed classic horror formula there.

Such a good throw back to old classic horror movies.
Definitely appreciated "The Shining" carpet!
please make moreeeee

Possibly the greatest sonic related thing to come out in the last decade.

*videos ends*
*Slow claps*
Dude, wow. Okay so I thought this was gonna be some creepypasta-y, 3D World goofy crap, but I was very wrong. I'm excited to see more! Although the characters seem blocky and weird your animation is smooth and storytelling is on point. Goes to show that you can have expensive programs great looking art, but without a plot or story, it's just another piece of art. You've done really well with this. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more!