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Reviews for "the.real.sonic.the.hedgehog.part.002.1080p.mp4"

you're too slow

To answer your question, honestly I don't really want this series to continue. With this entry you showed off a lot of talent that I'd rather you put towards a new idea rather then milking an old one. The "story" definitely had thought put into it but honestly it didn't make me laugh like the first one did. I think it's because you made it more serious in a way which is a pretty different tone from the first one. Your sound design is on point and most of the locations and angles look really nice. I just would rather you don't beat this Sonic thing until it's a dead horse and movie on to a new idea :) cheers.

definitely an experience

Yes, make more, please. I want to see what happens next.

better animation,and it keep getting more bizarre than the last one too