Reviews for "Seen Endgame yet?"

Oh, that was hilarious. No, I haven't seen the movie yet either. I'm poor, so I can't really even afford tickets. I was impressed at how short this was. This was sad at the end? Of course the previous Avengers movie couldn't be topped. Didn't the trailer for "Spider-Man: Far From Home" spoil it?

I mean, it hits theaters after Endgame and outright shows Spider-Man and Nick Fury having returned. Or does "Far From Home" take place before "Avengers: Infinity War"? I doubt it. It's not easy to make something so short so good. Well, there are webcomics that do that.

Relatable cuz my friends are too much of a pussy to watch it on the weekends with "bad" seats. P.S. middle section seats in a movie theater are overrated.

The voice does NOT convey the animation. (sprinkle more RAGE)

Sans dies in endgame