Reviews for "The Real Super Mario Theme"

Is it RL?

At first I thought it was just a reDJed version of it... But then you begun using different synths and insruments. Which is good. Loved the way you put Mario sound effects in, but be sure you're not overflowing it, which makes it sond more like an effect array han anything else.
the ending was great! Nice work.



Of course..

Great remix! Almost every artist here has to have one-anyways..

I notice the bass line to be almost a replica of the one I used in mine, strange isn't it? Hah, I am most certainly not downing you but..it is interesting huh? I'm sure that arrangement has been passed around quite a few times..or at least downloaded a few hundred..

Anyways, great job, to say the least. Keep it up.

Its good!

I liked every second of it! :)
Ima gonna download it !!! :D

The original..