Reviews for "The Real Super Mario Theme"

This is the real mario theme others make this a rap or diffrent but This is the origanal MUSIC!!!!!!
This is the true mario music :D!!!!!

The original..


Ah, the good old days...

Good use of Mario sound effects. Makes the music even better!

Its good!

I liked every second of it! :)
Ima gonna download it !!! :D

Of course..

Great remix! Almost every artist here has to have one-anyways..

I notice the bass line to be almost a replica of the one I used in mine, strange isn't it? Hah, I am most certainly not downing you but..it is interesting huh? I'm sure that arrangement has been passed around quite a few times..or at least downloaded a few hundred..

Anyways, great job, to say the least. Keep it up.