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Reviews for "Finn's Fantastic Food Machine"

Made it through first try with 2 strikes. Whew! I admire the simplicity, but also the constantly switching tactics. From catching things from the right tubes, to quick entering of a combination. I like the simplistic character design, and how that ended up making the main character look like a Super Mario World turn block with inverted colors. The music was sweet! Loved the jazzy sort of feel. The occasional top hat was a fun little addition, and the whole game really kept my brain going. I admire this game as much as art times a million! (I like art a lot.) Nice work! 10/10!

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, we really appreciate it, thanks! We tried to do everything we could to make the game feel as polished as possible. :)

Only as complicated as it needs to be, very easy to understand, very fun to play. Surprisingly catchy track, it would've been really easy to have put in a song that would have been very irritating to have looped.

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, glad you like it! I tried to make sure the music was fun to listen to throughout the gameplay. - Joshua

very simple

very fun

good job

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, thanks! :)

Love it

That's all I have to say, love it

LightWolfStudios responds:

Thanks, glad you do!

Fun and simple. Not endless. The art is good and the music sounds nice.
Simple game is great game for me, as a old-computer user.

-Nonood Whatever

LightWolfStudios responds:

Thank you! We were definitely going for that feeling of it being a fun little experience that doesn't take a ton of time to play all the way through.