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Reviews for "Finn's Fantastic Food Machine"

My first Newgrounds game... *sniff*

I love the design of this game and I hope that you make more like it!

43100 Finishing score, Great game! I loved it! The graphics was simple yet i loved all the little details. You even gave the characters blinking animations which really gave them some life. The music was a little repetitive but its a relatively short game so I see no problem with keeping it. The game play, in short, was unique! Never have i seen another game with this mechanic of stack and deliver :) Amazing game Dev!

Straightforward, user-friendly, uncomplicated, gradual (as opposed to stressful) increase in difficulty, clean graphics, and entertaining (never gets annoying) music. Kudos!

Great Game, really like the tight movements and the smooth animations, as well as the simplicity of the art style. added with increasingly hectic gameplay, First run had only one strike and the beep made me jump it startled me, most of that is probably from the stress the gameplay puts onto me. Again, great game

LightWolfStudios responds:

Hey, thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed playing.