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Reviews for "Literally Hitler"


it's iight... it's funn-ish, but the son sounds like a tranny boy & at like a bitch which weirded me out... & I'm high soooo... lol

cool animation nice drawing

honestly just makes jews look neurotic more than anything. This is LITERALLY problematic you antisemite

no but seriously I was expecting this to be funny or original and it was neither, theres a lot of problems with this OTHER than the artstyle and animation.

- tired premise and subject matter
- super shitty dialogue writing and voice acting with the exception of Hitler
- nothing edgy or brave for 2019, everyone hates hitler and nazis
- senseless portrayal of protagonists as helpless victims
- no real rising action
-takes almost 10 minutes to get to the meat and potatoes of the joke, and not in an enjoyable Norm Macdonald kind of way

all in all, even though I can tell you put some effort into this whole thing, I have no idea why it is rated so highly except as virtue and moral masturbating and grandstanding for everyone else. I would've blammed this had I the chance.

do it again and make it not a waste of 10 minutes

and yes I understand it might all have been a commentary on feet artists being disgusting and comperable to Hitler but..... nah the way it was implemented had to be an afterthought


Cwtfern responds:

Joe is Jewish and certainly not an anti-semite. Not sure how this made Jews appear "neurotic" though, especially compared to how most media portrays them.
You're entitled to all of your other opinions though.