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Reviews for "Literally Hitler"

I saw this back in 2019 when I went to Mexico I will never forget that lol


Is dah kid retarded?

"Is ze kinder retarded" I can't lmao

This........goes on for way too long, waaaaaay too long. Half the stuff makes no sense, the jokes are a constant non sequitur, the kids are not funny but "funny" in how a teenage girl thinks comedy works but painfully unfunny to everybody else. The cartoon could be just the bunker scene and have the same result because it was the single funny part in this whole thing. Even the animation isn't as good as other of the author's works. If this is your "new style" I would stick to the old one, or try something else.

Why this has so many views on youtube I've no idea, but then again I wouldn't look at what's trending there as a sign of quality.