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Reviews for "Literally Hitler"

There is no happy endings here

I like.

Yeah no. Not the best voice acting.

Before reading this just know yes i did watch the full thing.
literally (no pun intended) no effort put into voice acting, at least for the children (at first anyway, because as it continued it got a little better)
I didn't have a problem with the little boy being voiced by a girl, but i could tell it wasn't a male voice from the first second they spoke.
Animation was better than most so no complaints there.
Maybe due to the monotone children in the opener, but as soon as the line "literally Hitler" was said, I just felt like clicking off. It didn't grab my attention or anything at all for that matter.
Overall, it was decent with some semblance of a storyline. It could've been stitched together a little better, storyline but i get it was a meme so as a work it's 2 stars but as a meme it'd be only 3 because even memes can grab attention better and for longer imo.

Excellent! I feel confused and I love it. (Did the kid fake the feint?)

Most importantly, was one of the characters saying stuff about Hitler being on Newgrounds ect. a refference?