Reviews for "Tactical Weapon Pack 2"

Loads of content here. Good job!

Yeah, this is a really good flash game, 'cuz it have a lot of weapons. Maybe it should need more gamemods.

Got the same Problem of the game loading past the xWILKINx Animation and black screen... using Edge by the way (if it helps)

Also the game starts running slow after about 10 minutes playing. Happened before it was unplayable at all.

Game mechanics are nice, feels a little bit clunky though and it gets boring pretty fast since theres no campaign or further goals. You should add something to motivate players to keep going, achievements are not enough, maybe add waves or different modes where progression is more tangible.

good game, but if this is supposed to be a realistic shooter why does the suppressor reduce velocity/damage? balancing? honest question.