Reviews for "Tactical Weapon Pack 2"

good game, but if this is supposed to be a realistic shooter why does the suppressor reduce velocity/damage? balancing? honest question.

I love this game. That's all there is to it.

good one.make some more,really.

Great game. I love how many unlockable guns and attachments there are. It's basically CoD multiplayer minus the multiplayer. Since I'm such an achievement junkie, unlocking everything is my main goal in this game (even if there isn't one associated with this task). The medals themselves may be low in number and relatively easy to unlock, but isn't a major issue.

The game has been enjoyable. The challenges presented by the game promotes the players to experiment with the vast amount of firearms and customisations provided. The hi-score is a cherry on the top.

However, it is not without its flaws. While there has been some issues with the balancing of firearms not reflecting their IRL cartridge properties(e.g. 5.7mm not having high penetrative power), the main issue of this game is the spawning of targets. It has happend more than enough of times a good score(especially in sniper mode and hardened/marksman mode) was ruined because of a bad spawn. Usually what happens is a spawn causing the targets to fall over, or covering the original target being shot at. There is also hitbox issues with targets which has fallen over.

Other than that, there is not much to complain about. It is mostly bug-free and the graphics are well made. Impressive work, indeed.


Now for some tips. For reflex mode, make sure to use a one-hit-kill firearm with fast reload. The M14 or the MB13 with hollow point and rapid fire is the recommended setup. Headshots greatly affect the score(52kill, 39HS, & 90% accuracy = 930pt). If a shot is missed, move on to the next target as it is likely for the present target to timeout. Reload after each shot if one of the recommended weapons are used. The same setup can also be used in the normal shooter mode.

For sniper mode, you will have to hit a headshot every target without a single miss. Take your time, as it doesn't affect you score. Make sure to use a one-hit kill sniper rifle with pre-mod maximum accuracy. It will take a few tries as bad spawns are likely to happen.

For marksman/hardened mode, once again use a one-hit kill firearm. Get a sufficient amount of penetration as well as it will affect the damage. Prioritise accuracy, clear out the targets as soon as possible, and of course go for headshots. To keep up with the spawn rate, rapid fire with at least one-and-half bar of reload is recommended.

For war mode, I personally used the following setup:
Galil - rapid fire, hollow point, accelerator. The Galil has good accuracy, average DPS, and a
fast reload. Rapid fire and hollow point to increase DPS. Don't used explosive
rounds on swarms as it will knock them around. Accelerator for crowd control,
armoured mobs, and occassionally the planes.
Rhino - rapid fire, explosive, accelerator. Use this to deal with planes. Rhino has high DPS
comparable to a sniper rifle, yet with a fast reload. Rapid fire and explosive rounds
for DPS. Explosive rounds may occasionally deal with plane swarms. Planes has
also high armour, and thus accelerator is necessary.

Prioritise swarms as they will do much more damage than one or two planes and the rifle mobs has a longer range than planes. Don't concern about going full auto once the swarm builds up at the ~100 kills mark. Planes usually will take 2 Rhino hits to down so do double tap. Reload both your firearms as soon as you get a breathing space as you will receive few of them once the kill-count builds up.

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Thanks so much for the comments! :-)