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Very good game, I was able to stick with the m101 shotgun for most of the time, but once you get the greedy base perk and max out the xp perk on the skill tree it can be quite easy to level up, I like the game modes, The only time i got pissed off at it was when it lagged (but that was my internet connection's fault.) other then that the graphics were good and were able to run on my shitty work laptop and it is one of the more unique flash games I've played, i will be playing this more often maxing out all guns with all my perks (if anyone is wondering what my m101 stats are they are currently 666 kills and 300 head shots. the gun is using the greedy, R0ME05, FMJ bullets, Laser sight and the booster) this is my personal favourite,I don't care about how much damage the gun does but with all of those put into the m101 the gun becomes OP as f*ck. 5/5 for game play and quality 4.5/5 for the amount of options for the game modes. I would suggest putting in multiplayer and Death matches in the future and some gun game and stuff like that. Overall I give it a 5/5 Would recommend to gun lovers like myself.

This game is very nice, But it could have some improvements, For first we should be able to attach a small red dot sight on pistols, machine pistols too. For second the Extended ''Ammo type'' Should be visible, For third, metal targets should be harder to penetrate. Now listen closley, For Fourth, Silencers should not decrease penetration, why do they still decrease the penetration, In fact, Suppresors are just a attachment to a gun, they Make the gun quieter, However it make the barrel, longer, thats your explanation to that, it's a suggestion, not anything offensive, Okay?* And for final and Fivth, Shotguns already fire buckshot, Loading shotguns with special buckshot that has more pellets will been it's Birdshot, Buckshot with less pellets?, Flectthe to that *it's Small Fast darts, I Guess.* and a bonus For sixth, The ak 47 should have a bit more Damage, atleast enough to one hit headshot soft targets It's Obvisluy due to the 7.62mm it shoots *Which is bigger than 5.56mm* . Those are some Ideas, dont take them as hate comments, Heres also another bonus one, Remember the five seven's Minuareture PISTOL ROUND *thats why its a instad headshot kill in CS:GO* Its probaly much faster and sharper than the average 9MM or 10MM and whatever 45ACP or pistol bullet you have, Penetration is based on Bullet power and speed, Sure, you dont need that much power, But unless you want to easily understand the extra power, its from gunpowder, HOWEVER, theres a catch with that, remember about the bullet sizes? Well thats the limit to the gunpower in bullets, incase even more gunpowder equals more power... if it is shot fast enough, Even then, its quite lame that you also chickened out on the Exteneded magazines, im very sorry if im sending some about hate or insult to you, but the extended magazine is just a normal magazine.. WITH SMALLER BULLETS!, However, since the five seven has a faster bullet than probaly most short barrel 9MM Smgs/9MM pistols, it will travel faster equaling more penetration, and yet some last of the improvements, Remember the shotguns?, The speed of its pellets and penetration along with spread depends on how long the barrel is, Now unless you are going too far with five sevens, IMAGINE one five seven with a ACTUAL GRIP ATTACHED TO THE Bottom rail, At last, this game is amazing and i love it, Its better than most games in my opinion, and is on tie if i should prefer it or Weapon *yes thats a actual game*, Please listen to me kindly and take my advice from some 10 year old kid, Yet so far, Im still trying to firgure what the best gun to be, Hope you read this Game developers and Have a nice summer soon. *This post is edited from some other regarding the same stuff but from the same hgasd guy*




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