Reviews for "Tactical Weapon Pack 2"

Great idea for the game, but the game has this weird lag that makes the game way too tedious. It was already a problem in the first installment.. I just don't have time nor patience anymore to get all of the medals.

I find this great

Good game my only complaints are Time Attack was stupid hard. Tried hours to get 4 stars on it and kept getting an error. When I finally got it, it said I got my medal but Newgrounds is saying it's still locked despite me finally getting 4 stars on every missions.

xWILKINx responds:

Looks like you have the medal, sometimes it can take a few minutes for it to show up on your Newgrounds account. :-)

Really Laggy game for some reason.

AWESOME i like how the game plays and the firing range but the reason it os a 4.5 isntead fo a 5 is that u cant move ur gun up and down with arrow keys or i havnt foudn the correct keys but if someone tells me if there is a keybind ofr moving ur gun up and down i will make this a reveiw a 5 also can u put ur game on steam plz. (edit I love the music as it is amazing)