Reviews for "Tactical Weapon Pack 2"

so good

I really enjoy the game and the vast amount of customization it offers. I love how you can choose between different styles of play which usually turn out effective with the right attachments. Whether it be slinging rounds from afar with a sniper rifle, exploding everything with a launcher, or laying down constant fire with a rifle and a masterkey. There is so many ways you can go about playing and the fact it ends up being so casual makes it all the more awesome combined with the competitive nature of the leaderboard (albeit there isnt too many scores up there at the moment). I especially love the addition of metal targets (dw bonus targets are cool too), as it gives a very well placed amount of difficulty. "Want to spam a one shot weapon and destroy everything in sight? Sorry, gotta have something to deal with those metal targets more efficiently." And that's a good thing! Overall the game is a blast to play even more so than the 1st thanks to stats, new guns, new attachments, and everything else.

TL;DR: The game is extremely fun for both casual and competitive players. There are tons of ways to play that don't compromise too much on effectiveness. New targets add difficulty and variety to the scene. Overall fun on its own and as a sequel combined.

Edit: I like some of the realism aspect that I've noticed too! Guns that would normally have more recoil, damage, and penetration based on their caliber work very similar to how they would in the real world! The 7.62 assault rifles consistently have more penetration than the 5.56 ones, and the penetration stays consistent for the calibers mostly too!

bestest game here

Like the first, but more choices. Love it!

awesome game, now i can practice my aim on this then go to play CSGO with my friend !