Reviews for "Blue Smut Studios Alpha Ver .3"

Ok, I see why people are complaining, but the only thing that really bothered me is the downgrade on the sex scenes. The rest looks pretty okay for me!
edit: but please, make the screen smaller if you're gonna put it here lol

wilsonthegreen responds:

Good to know, thanks for the feedback!

Ok, so this has promise ill say what I liked and what I didnt.

Positives, the story is goofy but fine I think the motivation works and the dialog is perfectly good. The drawings for the dialog scenes are great, having different facial reactions makes the dialog a lot more enjoyable. Irene is very cute.

Negatives, main thing here is the animations are not good. Irene did not look good and the quality was so much worse than than the great regular images so I found that jarring. Other thing, at some points like when Irene first comes to your house there seems to be two music tracks playing simultaneously so look into that see if other people are having that problem i guess.

I look forward to further developments with this project.

Is there any way to download this? The game's decent, but loading at every scene change is driving me crazy

Menu and HUD is a bit too bulky and awkward. Art is pretty good. The conversations are wholesome.

For some reason this kind of games have always been laggy for me unless a download version is provided. Can you provide one in the future? Also I think there should be an option to change resolution as its too big for me. A full screen feature would be nice too. I'm looking forward to more of this. It's actually nice. The idle chit chat is actually good compared to other Adult games here on newgrounds. Keep it up!

no cumshot? man oh man... i hope this game have Ver.4