Reviews for "Blue Smut Studios Alpha Ver .3"

love the art work and the talks with the characters are great, to also say i love the multiple choices of how you can make your character be different personalities, great animations i hope the developer continues with this game.

wilsonthegreen responds:

Thanks! The plan is to continue working on it at this time

it gets to a certain point then just freezes after boss says fuck

wilsonthegreen responds:

thanks for letting me know, Ill look into the bug and see what's going on

gallery keeps showing a black screen before looping.

For a proof of concept this is actualy VERY fantastic. The kind of porn sim that I enjoy most, with a fresh take on the whole story thing. I am a huge fan of the artwork style and the dialogues, and I must say I'm impressed by the amount of thought put into this. I'd love it if you continued this game, this has real promise.

Now for the constructive criticism side of things:
Things to add you probably already know about: Save/load feature, I mean duh, but most importantly a skip button. If you wanna make a game with replay value, a Skip button is mandatory so you can skip to your decisions, but also so that the players who only wanna fap to this can skip right to the good stuff.
For the next build I'd probably like to see more proof of gameplay concept. Are we going to have stats, or is this visual novel style? Will there be areas to walk around in? All questions that kinda need answers.

I hope you'll pull through with this and I'm excited for the next build. Cheers mate

looking good. can't wait to see more. The music is good and the reaction on animation is great.