Reviews for "Blue Smut Studios Alpha Ver .3"

I like the humor and the story but the animations don't work :c
edit: None of the animations work for me but it could be from my browser (Safari)

wilsonthegreen responds:

Could you go into a bit more detail? Is it only some scenes or all of them? From my end the gallery works fine and looking through the game itself the animations I saw seemed to be working.

Awesome game! Really looking forward to seeing more, it has tons of charm and potential.

Irene's personality is great, she's super cute and really down to earth. :3 She has a great dynamic with the boss too, and it makes you genuinely care for both of them. Especially since she's hopeful about the new business but doesn't know about the Boss's bad news.

Art and animation are great! But the sex scenes don't loop correctly, there's a flash of black every time the animation resets, which makes it hard to enjoy. I don't know if this is a browser issue though, so it might be a fault on my end.

Character art was fantastic, the expressions were really dynamic and diverse. Loved Irene's money eyes, and the unamused face when she looks up x3

Interface was good too, but it's really easy to skip over your choices, if you click through the dialogue, sometimes you can select an option without meaning to. It might help to move any clickable choices away from the textbox area. Some of the options are in rectangle boxes at the top of the screen, and that works a lot better than the 3 circles. (I do like the visual aspect of the 3 circles, but they're too big and easy to press by accident.)

That's about it for interface, other than maybe a skip dialogue option, but that's more of a general visual novel feature x3.

Overall it's a great game! And I genuinely think Irene could be one of my favourite VN characters, I'll just have to play more of her story and see how things develop, but in the meantime, good luck with the project! :3

wilsonthegreen responds:

Wow thanks dude, that feedback's really helpful. I can definitely look at moving the choices out of there. And skip is definitely an option to be added. Im getting inconsistent reports on the animations, some people definitely say there's a frame issue but I get different places it appears from different people, so I don't think it's just on your end but it doesn't seem to happen to everyone. I'll have to look more into that specifically.

Btw, I might be wrong but are you the guy that made that H-game featuring TBFP? (god rest their skeletons) That game was funny and your name reminded me of it XD