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Reviews for "Orcish Rage 2: Conquest"

can yo make the game easier?

Chekisteg responds:

At weekend i'll make an update with difficulty selection

Solid work enjoyed the multiple modes on this one graphics werent bad

extremely slow to load. the game was frozen on a black screen that said "none" at the top in red for like a solid 2-3 minutes
there are a lot of typos/misspelled words but it was easy enough to understand

Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for your respond! English is not my native, but i`ll do my best!

The game is way too complex to master. Too many things to understand before you can enjoy it. You are overwhelming the player with the knowledge, and expect us to master the game right off the bat. Like, really. Is this supposed to be a game, or test for MENSA?

Chekisteg responds:

Thank you for your respond! I've tried to make this game much more easy to understand. My skills was not enough to make good tutorial :( I'll try to make some more tips/instructions in future updates

I like where this is going, as others have mentioned you need to decrease the difficulty or make a PRACTICAL tutorial, I'm stressing that out, practical. Keep at it man, looks promising!.

Chekisteg responds:

Well, i'm preparing a global update, with some fixes. Difficulty is the one of Roguelike "
features". Practical Tutorial is the one of my MAIN goals in next update.