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Reviews for "Feeling Blue"

are you gonna put medals in? this game is fun :3

DeSaGames responds:

There were medals in but they got denied, never happened before so I’m not sure what happened.
I’ll be making a SFW version at some point though and I’ll try chucking medals in there.

Thanks for the review!

But bugs don't have blood, they have hemolymph. I understand that it's the functional analog, but if we're talking about a trivia quiz, then "They don't have blood" is the most correct answer.

DeSaGames responds:

Thanks for the info! It might be a shocker, but I didn’t sweat the quiz too much 😅 but apparently bugs still classify as ‘cold blooded’ like fish, lizards and all that noise. Perhaps the hemolymph is in a similar... cold?
Either way, thanks for the info, if I ever return to the bug well throughout my games I’ll be sure to mention that bit of trivia :)

Love the writing, but to serve as porn the art is terrible.

DeSaGames responds:

Haha, well the writing is what I'm here for :'D

That bee one isn't true, not only were bees brought to the US by Europeans but there are plenty of pollinators to replace them. It's just that their replacements don't make honey. So the real answer is "Honey gets more expensive".

DeSaGames responds:

Haha, never thought that I'd be debating bee facts on a "porn" game I made, but with all due respect, you're wrong.
90% of the world is fed with crops that are pollinated by bees alone. If that dies off we all starve. I'm not entirely aware of the history of bees and the US, but presuming that you are right there's a couple of factors to look at here.
1) The population of the US is considerably higher since Europeans occupied the land, the US food supply now relies on bees in order to sustain the 300 odd million folks living there.
2) Presuming that the US somehow manages to survive without bees (Which it wouldn't but let's just run this hypothetical) the US still needs the rest of the world to survive. A global collapse would affect everyone.

I'd recommend you look into the issue on your own and not get information from someone who writes such gems of dialogue as "Welcome to the bathroom, this is where the bug magic happens" the BBC did a delightful piece on the dangers of a declining bee population:

For a more lighthearted approach PornHub is doing a thing about bees:

Either way, thanks for the review!

Miss choose your own adventure games like this. Don't see many of these on the newgrounds page.

Also, I'm really happy this didn't end up being some sort of porn knock off game.

DeSaGames responds:

Working on another one as we speak!
Turns out these little 'porn' games are a pretty good means of getting people to check out the non-porn-ey content I take part in producing (insert obligatory Dinosaur Boy webseries plug over here).

I use the concept of adult games to garner views, I also just find the genre of porn narratives to be fascinating and bizarrely innocent in how they are structured. Worry not, I will never make a porn knock off game.

Thanks for the review!