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Reviews for "Feeling Blue"

Absolutely love it. Stayed because of the presence of rare voice acting, but its actually really funny and touching.

No medals shown, yet... I'm earning medals? WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?


This was actually pretty funny and caught me off guard. Nice.

I see your response to @ginofgan andt he honey answer looks like more reasonable than"Our entire ecosystem collapses and we all die", so yes i see your bbc article, and he mislead a bit, for the way they gave the information. the way they put look like

Bees = 70 of +-100 crop species and this crops feed 90% world, in other worlds no bees = -90% world's feed capacity

but in fact

the 70 of +-100 crop species who are responsible for 90% of the feed in the world, are pollinated by bees

The thing they don't tell is this crops are ONLY pollinated by bees, they are the "critical pollinators" because they are the best solution by far, it's a win win situation.
They are small but many also easy to transport, control, procriate and on top of that you don't need to worry about feeding and moisturizing as well as managing waste and cleaning them.not to mention the honey that you can take from them, to force them to look for ways to create more where you win with honey and their labor.
Also, Bee Movie sell this ( no bees = no vegetal life ) too well, @ginofgan must have seen the Film Theory video, who got down for DWA, but you can see here https://youtu.be/nkbKQvjtb6g