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Reviews for "Feeling Blue"

Gonna admit a pretty god damn funny little game and love the multiple choice as well to know what other endings we can get.Hope to see more games like this:).And god damn that women was obsessed with bugs lol

I can relate to that.

The guy isn't sad. He is just a programmer and doesn't want a person who likes bugs in his life.

ngl his smile kinda freaked me out. also i can't view the bloopers.

It's so fucking absurd
wanted to fap but it was so hilarious i wasn't able to hold it
no joke, this is possibly the funniest video i've ever seen on the internet

DeSaGames responds:

D'aww! Thanks!

Reading this comment made my day :) If you'd be interested in seeing more weird shit that I've done check out Mosaic Of The Apocalypse on Spotify or Dinosaur Boy 2019 on YouTube