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Reviews for "Dot2Dot"

I liked this game. I will admit it was odd to have something that seemed so simple. You probably need more detail. I did like it how it just kept going on. You could play it all day! It's just not too rewarding.

Nice music BTW. It's hard to say much about it. It's just dots going to dots. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just not too memorable.

A rather fun simple game.

too easy, like others have said a limit on rotations would improve this game. it would also be cool if there was a fast click bonus for a less than one rotation move and maybe even switching from clockwise to counter clockwise randomly to throw in an extra element of difficulty. i do have to say the visuals are very engrossing and the music gives this game a relaxing experience.

Special gameplay.

I think the biggest flaw of this game is that the player is allowed as many rotations as they want before they're required to make a move. This game sets itself up to be a test of precise reaction time, but once I realize there's no consequence for going at my own pace, it fails to be challenging for me. If ending the game due to a missed rotation seems too hard for what you're trying to make, a better solution might be to make it so players can take as many rotations as they want, but they won't be granted points unless it's the first. That way it's forgiving, but still gives you incentive to act fast. Why not have both, in the form of different difficulty modes?

EDIT: The changes made definitely make it feel more engaging now (also congratz on getting frontpage)

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the constructive feedback, you've got a good point... I'm thinking I'm going to add an incentive to dot swap on the first rotation, but still allow the player to continue if they miss the first one.

Edit: Okay I've changed it so that when you miss a dot swap, it will increase the speed a bit (for the current dot only) and if you miss more than 3 it will end the game.