Reviews for "Dot2Dot"

did it take fucking forever to load for anyone else?

The music makes it seem like a rhythm game, which it’s not. Maybe something without a beat would work better? Also, anyone else think it would be cool to see the ‘pattern’ you make along with your score when you game over?

BryceSummer responds:

Both of your ideas are great ones, thanks for the feedback :).

Can be a bit difficult to keep the streak going after awhile, I did find this to be a fun game though. For whatever reason, I did find one odd bug that seemed really difficult to trigger. If you click or hit the spacebar a moment or two as the bar goes out of the circle, it gives an X but does not count as a game over. I tried to get it a second time and never managed to recreate the glitch.

The music is nice, I imagine it speeds up as the game gets faster to challenge the player as well as throw them off a little bit too.

The medals work and the secret medal took a few minutes to figure out. Only hint for it wait on the "XX streak" game over / end game screen.

Fun game, would not mind more music based games like this.

I liked the game, but I would suggest synchronizing the music to the desired input. Being a person who plays music, it's a bit daunting to have visual cues not match the audio cues.

I liked this game. I will admit it was odd to have something that seemed so simple. You probably need more detail. I did like it how it just kept going on. You could play it all day! It's just not too rewarding.

Nice music BTW. It's hard to say much about it. It's just dots going to dots. There's nothing wrong with that. It's just not too memorable.