Reviews for "Close Encounters - JohnBob Legends"

this is cool

Well, there was some nice stuff in there. The animation was pretty nice, though it was kinda choppy despite seemingly having a lot of effort put into it. It's weird. Also, the backgrounds were kinda smeared and doodley and there were some parts where they (and the police car) just didn't match the rest of the scene at all. They were some kind of weird cut-out 3D. Why does it look like that? I don't mind experimental art styles, but it just sticks out here.
The story was pretty nice, I liked the sheriff's lines a lot. John Bob's interactions with the alien were pretty nice too, and I liked the alien itself. The way they went about things was a bit cliched, but I liked how he never really changed all that much and how he took the training. That intro was also pretty cool, with the music and all.
By far the biggest problem here was the sound design. The voice acting was weirdly quiet and, in some cases (like the sheriff) completely emotionless. For the sheriff it kinda worked but it was still pretty quiet. Some lines were too much (the weirdly pronounced wazzap and the gottem) and kinda cliched/overacted (some of Jellyfish's lines). There were also scenes where I feel there should have been some sound effects (the sheriff's car bouncing and driving off on the road). Running sounds in the aquarium place were also missing when John Bob ran. That "nature sure is beautiful" line was great though.
Overall you sefinitely have potential and you put in effort but... something's just kinda... off, you know? There's something awkward about the whole thing. Feels like things are missing. Writing is pretty good though. Keep improving, man, I hope I wasn't too harsh.