Reviews for "Close Encounters - JohnBob Legends"

I was happy to hear 4 in this. That was a light fun story, and I like the color palettes. The voice acting could use some work, but it didn’t take me out of the story. Nice job!

So, this side character, the girl at the ice cream stand, why does she have a green mouth and fangs?

JohnimationStudios responds:

This is my friends persona that I put in the video as an easter egg. She's like part monster or something? I thought it was a fun design.

Amazing character designs
The 3d backgrounds were a bit distracting
your 2d background art is more than adequate I think I'd stick to that moving forward if I were you

Look forward to seeing more

This Is Awesome, John! (i've been waiting for this to come out!)

The clunkiness of the cop car got me good! Overall it's an interesting and funny show!