Reviews for "D.Va wants to thank her fans"

I need MORE!!!


Not a whole lot to it...but well done I suppose. I think this rating is fine, especially if you think that's fitting. Also, having a "Special" version link in the description further justifies the M rating.
Only 3 stars because it's fine, but it's not original work entirely and it's kind of just a cash-grab or patreon ad sort of thing in my opinion, vs a piece of original content being made for fun.
I really think you could accomplish something more by ignoring everybody's want for lewd fan crap and find some better way to use your skills. That's what NG's all about, y'know. Good luck.

This is a T, at best. Well-animated but highly misrated.

Rated A?
very well animated and the physics are beyond anything i can accomplish im truly impressed.