Reviews for "8-bit Theater 1"

Great animation!

Sorry pal Im only 17, I dont have a credit card and im not sure I want one... or else Id seriously consider sending you some dough.Great animation I sure hope somebody gives you some cash.

TLF responds:

Heh. I understand :D. Thanks for the compliments.

This is excellent!

I really liked this! How'd you get all the original sprites? I liked the way you did all the original cartoons in one movie, and the waythe black mage voice was done. Cool!

By the way, I checked this with Brian himself and it's NOT, I repeat, NOT plagarized, in any way, shape or form!

One last thing: add some interactivity by maybe making some buttons that move to the next text message when clicked. I liked this, and it's goin' on my favourites!


Can't stop laughhin'!

True to the series.

I'm an 8-bit follower, I love it! And your flash holds true to the series. The voice acting was a tad strange but was nice. All in all my 3rd fav flash alive.


If there was a 11 on the humor scale, I'd pick that. I happen to love the way it is so similar to the comic.