Reviews for "8-bit Theater 1"

This was presented very nicely. The music was perfect and was very nicely put in. It ran smooth and in sync with the events preceeding in the movie. The characters were funny and interesting, I was surprised how well you put together all these sprites and made it feel like the whole world of Final Fantasy was wrapped up inside this funny movie. This video actually reminds me a lot of 8-bit D&D, I'm not sure whether you were the creator or not, I'm going to check it out after I'm done this. The dialogue was nice and clearly written, the plot was very interesting as well. The timing was a lot longer than I expected and actually has me sort of interesting in the series.

There were multiple sound pauses like the constant pausing after certain long lengths of dialogue had went by. More characters should have been introduced and after awhile it was kind of boring at times to see the same two characters walking a long that same little pathway, more elements or scenery could have been shown, especially since the sprite scenery seems to be one of your true talents I'm highly recommend it.

A great pilot for the series, didn't really leave a replay appeal on me but it does sort of make me want to check out some more episodes seeing how great you put the audio into this and how beautiful you've made 8-bit sprite scenery look. Very well done, hope to see more work from you!


You've made me happy with this (^,^)

this is amazing

Fighter sounds dumb? Check.
Black Mage is sadistic? Check.
Thief stalks? Check.
Everything is good? Check, check and check.


You nailed Thief's voice exactly as I though he sounded.

This series is GREAT...

...But Fighter is SUCH an idiot!