Reviews for "8-bit Theater 1"

Dude, this is great!

Guy below me, your computer must suck elephant testicles as it lags because the flash was NOT out of sync.

To the animator,
Great job on the whole thing. I thought you and your motley crew did a very nice job with the animation as well as the voices. I especially liked the part with the thief, when he jumps out and trips the black mage. "Your GP or your HP." Love it. This is getting a 5/5

Out of sync.

And the voices were all wrong. They didn't fit fighters and black mages personalities at ALL, and black mage's hat isn't THAT deep.

Cool comic

I loved Black Mages voice :) he's teh r0x0rz leet style homey phoney. I can't wait to see the cave of no return and if they get the armor of invincibility. I'll stay tuned...as for this vid....I'll give it a nice solid tangy styled 8. Props.


One of the best movies ive ever seen!
Those voices really suit the characters too, great job!


one of the best final fantasy parodies i have ever seen hilarous.