Reviews for "Iron Giant: Room for Rent"

I'm incredibly displeased with this. Where do I even start. First of all, the dialogue takes forever to navigate and it does not immediately make sense how you go about accessing the one available scene. Not only that, but you are also punished with a 10 second long credit scene every time you fail. The only redeeming part of this entire game is the art style, which is why I gave half a star instead of 0.

You intentionally misled people by stating that there are three available endings in this game by stating it in not only the description here, but also on the start menu of the game itself! You don't even find out that the others are presumably locked behind a paywall. What is extremely unfortunate about that, however, is that even after you navigate to your one ending- you are rewarded with a poorly animated 2-second blowjob scene. The animation looks so plastic, and I can forgive that since you are presumably fairly new to animation. The problem is that you are charging people $5 for something that isn't worth it.

I don't want to be entirely critical and be an asshole, I just want you know the problems with your game here. I'd be more than happy to support you on Patreon if I knew that there was content worth paying for, but since your paid content is not as good as some people's free content, I hesitate to even consider it man.

To summarize: Improve on your animation. Your art style is fine, but your animation makes the art feel dead. Furthermore, open up more of the game. I know that this isn't your primary project at the moment, so you should presumably have it for free whilst the main thing that people would pay for on your Patreon would be early access to the latest builds or cool bonus activities/scenes.

Skadootoon responds:

Thank you for the comment. I am self-teaching myself this whole process. From the game designing, to drawing, to animation. I'm learning everything here from scratch and this game was a way for me to practice the craft of making a game. I am glad to hear your feedback. I'm progressing everyday but you can't start off at perfection! I've just begun learning this stuff this year.

Patreon terrifies me. Most of those tiers are modeled after other patreon pages of similar content. My goal is for all my games to be free at some point, but early access goes to the supporters first. I realize I neglected to make that apparent in this game and I apologize for that.

Love it! ;) would like to see the other endings!

I loved the idea of playing with the villains. Would love a beauty and the beast, aladdin and other's parody's. Maybe you can use alternative characters on some games, but i liked very much :). Good work!

Really enjoyed this experience!

I love the take on following a villain in a story, and the scenes seemed very well done, if not a little stiff at times.

I feel that the free version ending should have been marked in some way, but I understand that limiting the ending and therefore the dialogue choices would have disturbed the purpose of discovering them each independently.

overall, an alright time!

i feel like the game should hint to which options to choose from after the first selection because i cant figure out jack. i know you have to persist with the chat but the wait after failure to restart again takes a very long time. i hope you get a walkthrough or something because im just stuck