Reviews for "Link It Up!"

chill game. two things, no level select made me have to go through the game almost twice because i skipped one collectible and it might be my browser set up but when i right click it always brings up the right click menu so i couldnt really fluidly use the reset line button and it would actually cause my player to get stuck running in one direction until i would physically refresh the whole game.

AlienPlay responds:

Thanks for feedback!

I absolutely adored your game. The simple aesthetic was pleasant, the animation flowed smoothly and actually inspired me to try animation my own character for a platformer. The puzzles were challenging but not defeating. Thank you for making this game. Do you mind if I highlight it on my blog?

AlienPlay responds:

Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it! Best of luck with your animation project :D
No, I wouldn't mind, just make sure to send me the link to your blog! :)

really good game but Ericho is right that the instructions on the line reset arent the best
what does RMB mean, i dont really know, soo i just had to find that to reset the line you
had to click the right mouse button and now that i am writing this i can see that RMB is
right mouse button lol but it took some time for me i finished the whole game not knowing what RMB was just noticed it now doing this review
loved the game
maybe a really hard bonus level would have been nice
well done

AlienPlay responds:

Thank you for feedback! It never crossed my mind that that would be an issue, so thanks a lot for letting me know.

Sorry, but I couldn't get through this. I mean, I set up the line, but I can't go any futher beyond. I mean, I can't reset it. Well, I can but it resets the whole level! I can't move the line more than once. At least the visuals are nice.

It's certainly a unique game. I just don't know how to win it. I can mess with it and get ahead a little. Well, I guess I just need to play it more. Unfortunately, it's not good enough for me to want to continue.

I had fun with this one. Hard to "put down" for sure. I can't figure out the final stage, though.