Reviews for "Link It Up!"


Not going to lie. I love puzzle games! If only this were earlier on i would have loved to have owned this game on my Super Nintendo while growing up. I love the 8-bit and the tenacity of the challenge within itself. Great game! To anyone reading my reviews this game is like all classic 8-bits, it is ALL about the timing! Had to reduce 1 1/2 due to not being able to kill the enemy. In a puzzle game you are to win by any means necessary not just pure intellect. As a response to your in-game message; It is the enemy, of course I have to kill it! Adding 1 back to it because you responded which shows that you care about your product and to that I say Cheers!

AlienPlay responds:

:) That's true. I just wanted to try something a bit different. Cheers!


cool platformer

Nice game!!!