Reviews for "Link It Up!"

Great puzzler! You've got a knack for these. Felt really good to keep going, and the mechanics were used in interesting ways that I wouldn't have thought of. Felt like a cheap shot when I couldn't kill the enemies though, haha.

The best game to past time

Great game, all levels are challenging in their own way though you sometimes have to spend more than 3 minutes on realizing random little thing that allows you to past the level. I don't think it's a bad think as there is a big satisfaction with finding it out but for some other players it might be annoying. Not killing your enemies is interesting feature that increases difficulty but doesn't make it impossible to pass. I would most likely play an extended version of it where for e.g. you can use both lines or swap between them or have some new types of the lines. I hope you'll continue on creating games like this as their simple to play but challenging to pass.

AlienPlay responds:

I'll try to improve my level design so that it better explains those little things required to pass a level. Thanks for pointing that out! :)

it if a good game i just could not figure out how to beat level 10

Simple and relaxing game, doesn't require much focus. Good while listening to a podcast.