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Hats off to Lou Kelly: the music in this was amazing. Creative, well-synchronized and effective. The music made it feel a little like classic Looney Tunes but for adults. Very, very much more for adults.

Don't do drugs, kids. That is unless you want to create a psychedelic masterpiece like this. In that case, have all the drugs in the world.

Seriously though, nice combination of 2D, stop motion and puppets.

Awesome!! WOOOW!!

I had the honor to vote on this while it was under judgment, but needed to come back to it because of how long it was. It was a bit too long and kind of felt like it dragged on a bit, but it wasn't enough to influence my score.

This was an incredibly cool combination of different animations and puppetry. Even though it dragged on a bit, I also didnt want it to end.

It was filled with a rare combination of action, humor, and horror. It was gross, made me say wtf, made me laugh, and all around made me entertained.

I want to see more. I'm going to add you as a favorite author so I dont miss anything in the future!

needs moar acid