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Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman 5"

damn tails the multiple got me good.

I have question. There is a character that you can unlock if you have every character in jail and i didn't get it so was it just a joke? Otherwise realy good game. And would recommend. All so i think there should be a medal for defeating the cops without loosing health. I have done this as nine tails, sonac, Knuckles. Once i got 95.56 into timer.

Darren responds:

Yeah, you're supposed to get a character for that. You had everyone in jail at the same time including the Yuu Fighter? I guess try it again and if it still doesn't work, message me.

Was considering making a medal for that, might throw it in.

e otimo da para dar porrada a bofia

spare any bail money? :'(

Darren responds:

Just go into debt like a normal person

after getting all medals i can confirm yogi and boo boo are best harry barry canimals