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Reviews for "Sonac the Hodgeman 5"

Im sorry but the character Tall Luigi is OP, im so tired to log in a battle and and see a other dumb s spam me with his special.

(and the mdals are broken, ive beaten the game 100% twice and still the medals are locked)
(i were playing in incognito :p)

Darren responds:

I have tried to nerf Tall Luigi but he is too strong and I can no longer stop him. We are all at his mercy.

If you can't unlock /any/ medals you must have been offline, incognito, or not logged in at the time (or something like that). If they pop up on screen they're working, and if they don't actually unlock that's a problem connecting to Newgrounds.

Love all the parodies within the game! How on earth do you manage to do it in under 30s though!

Darren responds:

Try to get a bunch of hits on the car when it first comes in before it attacks, and try to bounce multiple times on it when it's going slow. Also go quickly

minority simulator

The true meme never ends

Medical Mareoana literally has a drug in his name
Medical "Marijuana"

Darren responds: