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Reviews for "Super Mario Bros: Water Waltz"

I too hated the water...

mostly because the squids are the smartest enemy in the game and they are in the level where you are most vulnerable (I find it strange that I like the -1 world though). Anyway, the song has a kinda hawaiian feel.

Soundshifter responds:

thanks for listening. i never made it to -1. never knew how. i've seen it though


This is great! I can almost feel myself being eaten by a Big Bass... Uh-oh...

Soundshifter responds:

hahaha. thanks man :)

This is beyond words

When I used to play Super Mario Bros Delux, I always hated the underwater levels. lol. But, this version of the song is amazing. Great work.


Soundshifter responds:

thanks so much :) im glad i was able to make you see the beauty of the underwater theme.

Brings back the good times

I remember when I first started playing video games. Super mario was my first one. And even to this day.. after the main theme of the game.. this is my second favorite. And you just made it even better

Soundshifter responds:

thanks very much Dkoshi. I can completely relate to what you say. youth was simply nintendo, and i wouldn't have changed a thing. and now over two decades later these songs have turned into world anthems. beautiful music. thanks for listening

One word, Incredible.

This is a very nice song. I really like guitar music, and this song is just super.

If I could, I'd give it 1000 out of 1000.
It makes ya feel cool, it brings you to te past, why I just remembered how me, and my brother played the first Mario game on our beloved NES.
Thank you for making me remember the good old times.
A great song. Keep up the good work. :D

Soundshifter responds:

no problem man. i'd have to agree with you. i remember those 8 bit levels on the NES. this has to be one of nintendo's most beautiful and nostalgic songs. thanks for listening :)