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Reviews for "The Dark One"

Nice game, the UI could do with a bit of work but other than that pretty nice

Pretty good job! The graphics aren't too shabby, not the best pixel art but solid enough, and the mechanics are just addicting and simple enough to get me to play through.

Very fun work! I look forward to the next game.

Landor Quest 3 plz

Farming xp and gold is so easy I went through in two hours. But indeed, it's a sweet game, with very low probability to lag and a fast load to practically everything. Monster Sanctuary went too far in my onpinion, but this game shows how to master the rythm of events in a game story. Some minors grammar faults, I'll update this feedback when I'll get them all. And no, it won't be as tricky as a pokémon game... XDXDXD

landor quest is better tho