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Reviews for "The Dark One"


I enjoyed the game and attempted the gold arena many times before going to the final dungeon. For the life of me i couldn't get the other guys HP below 900 no matter what combination or timing i used. his healing skill was ridiculous. I had to finish the game and then go back for the final relic. X_X sad but i at least did it. XD great game. would play more of these story line games.

will wait for part II of the game :D

Oh man, this app hits that sweet, sweet spot!!! I'm not really a fan of playing games with a keyboard and mouse but this game was worth it. I played Child of light a bunch and now I'm a big fan of side-scrolling RPGs, so sorry for the gushing over this app! XD All that said, I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for gamepad support. I favorited the app, so I'll come back and give it a few more tries in the near future. 5 stars... well earned in my humble opinion. looking forward to future updates!

This game is amazing
Gonna play the other ones right now

pretty good reminded me of the days of old