Reviews for "Annoying Adventurers Episode 4 Superhero Action"

This is the best ep ever
I'm Tolly like Your animations so much.

stevetheanimator responds:



stevetheanimator responds:

Thank you!

@ComicalCoAnimations What do you mean where is your voice?

ComicalCoAnimations responds:

I dont hear it

Awesome and Bradley is in it 😀

stevetheanimator responds:


i can see the work put into this, sorry about that, i think i was a bit angry at you and i have got over it , have a good day.
while this maybe not be the best, i believe that if you keep trying your art will improve, im sorry about the things i said, and i have changed my mind on this one.

EDIT 3: i think i got over myself, sorry about all those things, i understand, and im sorry about that, i can see all the work that has been in this, i think i have a change of paste about this video.1
EDIT 4: Suddenly two more people in the credits? how?

stevetheanimator responds:

It was. I’m 11. Don’t hate.

Edit: You don’t have to like the animation. I’m just a bit hurt because I put so much work and effort into this and YOU! Wow. Besides, you don’t have any movies.
Second Edit: Also, DUDE! “take a look at your friend comicalcoanimations, his art is decent and even good sometimes, but by look at your drawings...it looks like even your single drawings are pretty bad.” That was not cool! In fact, it’s highly embarrassing because Comicalcoanimations is my age! I started drawing when I was 2 and a half. You’re really not a fan of me are you.
Third Edit: Well, that was a little rude bringing that up in public without notice since TCC is my age, but I apologize for the misunderstanding. P.S. why do you keep hiding your score over and over again?
Fourth Edit: Actually, I used my phone.
Fifth Edit: @ComicalCoAnimations Oh, ok.
Sixth Edit: Comicalcoanimations did it.
Seventh Edit: @ComicalCoAnimations But Tails and DStar7 didn’t really do much. They didn’t really help with the episode, but I’m just gonna mark as beta testers.

ComicalCoAnimations responds:

You probably were like that at one time @yairhamagniv and just because his drawings are bad doesn't mean they will be the same all his life, also you dont have to compare them to me. I had drawings like that before, like 1 1/2 years ago. Plus I actually did some voice acting in here, well only one line, but still it offends me that you say something negative about someone. Also I would like to clarify that we're not really the same age.
Edit: It's because you should put everyone who helped in the credits and Steve didn't do that. If you don't give everyone credit then that would be unfair

Too... early? Didn't really catch the alarm clock thing at the early, but after that: what a trip! So much longer than the earlier ones too. Good entertainment overall, but also some transitions and events that are a bit hard to follow. But you're really getting better with this! :D Reminds me of the Ultimate Showdown a bit... not really but... a bit.

I recognize the music too. Old classic. :) Fits in well, though feels like the sound quality's been compressed a bit? Not sure it needs to be if it was? Otherwise good stuff! Keep it going.


stevetheanimator responds:

I’m so glad you liked this! I put more work and effort into this episode than the other episodes! And thanks! Yes I am getting at animation over these years and I can’t wait till I get a Windows 10 so I can upload more episodes! Thanks for the review!