Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

This was a genuinely fun little tech demo, and I'm excited to see where this goes!

4/5 so much potentials

It's not often that I find myself liking something that is Furry, but here I am giving you 4 stars. And I'll tell you why.

Forget the sex part for a second and let's evaluate the actual mechanics and why this game works well.
1: Simple Controls - You've got directional controls and essentially your "A" and "B" buttons. This is reminiscent of the old days of platformers like Mega Man back on the NES. It works because it is simple.

2: The Puzzle - Like all great platformers of the old days, there is a puzzle to figuring out the map, how it works, how to unlock the next parts, (and I assume in later installments) the secrets.

3: Problem Solving - Because you have limited motion, you have to actually problem solve your way out of receiving damage. Contrary to what some people might think, this is very positive stimuli and gives satisfaction when you do it right, therefore increasing your joy when you get something rewarding. (ie. those cleverly hidden heart bubbles you have)

I personally didn't find anything "wrong" with this game. I wouldn't consider myself a furry, but I did find enjoyment with this game. It brought back a bit of nostalgia from playing some of the old games like Mega Man, Castlevania, and Mario. The artwork is pleasing and the level design is pretty good, though I admit that I restarted several times just to check suspicious walls and whatnot hoping there would be a secret hidden somewhere.

Now onto what can be done better or added to increase the game environment.

1: Game Music - Probably something you are already working on, but even some simple music that repeats every 8 or 16 measures or so would add a little bit more to the game immersion.

2: Sprite Sounds - You got some sounds like, the slingshot, the "Ting" sound when you hit the bugs, the swipe of her gauntlets, and jumping, but there aren't a whole lot of trigger sounds to help establish a pattern for the spikes, or during any of the scenes (I know you only have one scene but I'm being positive here in assuming there is a hidden one I don't know about).

3: Moar Stuff! - Like all platformers that have come before, there are always power ups, mounts, or some kind of disposable item that helps make the game go and can add a little bit extra to the game strategy. Kinda like saving that extra (Incoming Super Mario World SNES reference) "Feather" from the Donut Plains 1 map to use it later in The Donut Ghost House in order to access the "Top Secret Area" above the house. To be honest, it isn't necessary, but it is nice.

Overall I am really pleased with how well this game is for how small (relatively speaking in terms of gameplay) it is. You've done a good job and if I had more disposable income I'd seriously consider supporting you on Patreon. But alas, I can only afford to play free games at the moment and so I shall make the attempt to assist you when I can from here.

I hope I was helpful and I hope you continue to develop this game. It is certainly worth it considering you've gotten over 25k in views. Keep at it and you'll have yourself a fantastic game here.

A lot of potential here

Love the thought, it's quite reminiscent of games in the MetriodVania style and I can already see the potential for upgrades, such as the obvious ground-pound blocks. I wish you the best in your endeavors and I hope to see this project bear fruit, even if I am not a fan of the rape-oriented sex, but that's just cause I'm vanilla like that.