Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

This is an amazing start, I cans see this becoming an amazing game. I think, like others have thought that this needs more sex positions/enemies. However, I think you should include a gallery reward that unlocks all the sex scenes (which i guess is just two for now) when you win so that you get a reward for winning the game.

Good animations fluid movement! I would force the knowledge of needing to press buttons early (to know what we are looking for) I think it was great! more enemies (I would prefer all enemies have scenes) I would suggest tearing for clothing depending on health or maybe double team animations (LoK is an old but gold game and could be used for inspiration for story) it looks like you have a boss fight room or save point set up which is cool.

loved it hope you stay with it and just some more work and it will be hella fun

I'll be honest have potential massive potential. Looking forward to this dude hope you can get it out sooner or later good luck on this project my dude.

Edit: I shall be waiting for a free version cause I'm a poor A** lad XD