Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

I sense a lot of inspiration from other games. Eroico, Hollow Knight, Future Fragments comes to mind. Not that it's a bad thing, but seeing the similarities makes the experience here a little less fun.

I enjoyed playing this and I wanna play more platform games now.

It’s a good concept, but I had some issues with the jumping (which is important in a platformer). If you have to hold down the jump key to jump further then it should not immediately jump on landing. You need to make sure that no other jumps happen until the key is released and pressed again, otherwise it can make precision platforming difficult and frustrating.

Also, be careful of the trap of ‘losing = sex scene’ as that should be more of a reward scenario if you want people to progress in your game (instead of just losing all the time).

Good animations fluid movement! I would force the knowledge of needing to press buttons early (to know what we are looking for) I think it was great! more enemies (I would prefer all enemies have scenes) I would suggest tearing for clothing depending on health or maybe double team animations (LoK is an old but gold game and could be used for inspiration for story) it looks like you have a boss fight room or save point set up which is cool.

Good premise, I'd love to see more. I was kinda sad that there was no action with bugs tho :/