Reviews for "The Adventures of Kincaid (Tech Demo)"

It was great and all but are you going to implement a reverse rape feature? it looks like you were going to with the way the sprites get knocked out and are shown vulnerble to getting fucked by you instead. If not, would you still put that in? It would make the game more engaging that way. :)

CookieDraggy responds:

Yes, that is basically the reason the defeated enemies remain. ^w^ But that's a feature we are going to tackle down the line, when more features have been implemented.

This was a fun play... I would like to see more.

A lot of potential here

wow nice game lol i got to admit though theres a lot of TLDR in here D:

This game is Awesome but, needs a few things in the way of Sex poses....
like FMM in the case of Two Enemies get her at the same time and FMMM in Case of 3 Enemies and could use but, doesn't need 3 poses for ALL ENEMIES like she is got infront (BJ), On top (anal), in the back (vaginal).
More Enemies to have sex with.
Ripped clothes when attacked or Naked spite
Bug should do more then, be walls (sex) maybe

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