Reviews for "very long dog"

Art is good, idea was already seen in Silly Sausage 8 years ago, but you got me with the music. An end would be nice to see if you could think of something. Overall good game.
Edit: I mean Silly Sausage by Nitrome.

cccmccc responds:

I tried looking up silly sausage and the first result was a Bop-it game from 2016 🤔 Weird... Thanks for your feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed the music too! ^^

Nice game, really cute, the WASD movement didn't work but other than that really nice and good puzzles

Great sound, concept and execution. Puzzles are pretty simple and the graphics could be nicer but mate great first release :)

The games good but i dont get the fire hydrant levels..

Good game! It's another addicting game but it's adorable great job and idea. It's like snake but with a doggo. Good job!