Reviews for "very long dog"

It would be great if you added a key to rewind a movement.
And a more rewarding sound when passing a level.
Good work is a good concept continues like this

cccmccc responds:

thanks a bunch for the feedback! i definitely agree, they could have helped the game feel a bit more user-friendly and polished 🤔 I'll take your suggestions to heart. Thank you for playing! :D

Biggest issue I have with the game is I make it to the end, but it's telling me that I can't progress to the next level. I see where there are a set amount of moves, and I can get to the hole within the move limit, but getting to the end and being told I have to restart with no explanation gets old, really fast. A little walkthrough, or explanation about the game can work wonders.

cccmccc responds:

hello! each level must be completed by using ALL the moves, until you hit 0. I see this wasn't as clear as I thought, though. :(( Sorry for the frustration, but thank you for checking it out nonetheless :)

good stuff.

good game

The game's pretty cute