Reviews for "very long dog"

Congrats on the delightful mood, music and art! For what it's worth, I don't think move counts make for especially interesting puzzles, as they lean more towards trial-and-error than logic.It leads to puzzle design where the challenge is less about how to get all the bones and more about how to contort yourself pointlessly between collecting bones to make sure you can hit the move count.

It's doubly frustrating in your implementation because there's no step-by-step undo or ability to backtrack your dog, which forces you to start the whole level over once you realise an early failure to adequately contort yourself will make hitting the move count impossible. Which introduces another frustrating puzzle element: memorising your solution.

Maybe it's just me, but if you're making movement-based puzzles, it's a lot more rewarding to figure out what the unexpected quirks of the system are and then design puzzles that teach and probe those. For instance, Jack Kutilek's Snake Hole is built around a similar idea to very long dog, but approaches the design very differently:

(It's made with Stephen Lavelle's Puzzlescript engine, which is an amazing resource if you want to concentrate on the design aspect, as it lets you rapidly prototype puzzle games.)

Keep it up! Look forward to your future games :)

cccmccc responds:

This is a very eloquent response, thank you! I'll definitely take your words to heart, thank you for taking the time to write this. ^^

coot loong doggo

in all seriousness, this game is cute. i completed the game,
and the doggo got a crown

Good to see Game Maker games here.

Puppies and Indie games go hand in hand. I love. 4/5. I love.

cute and simple, i love it! makes you think steps ahead, too.